SendMeLife, LLC

Founded by Don Jessop and his wife Rachel This company is devoted to creating resources for leadership and for personal development.

Don Jessop – as an animal behavior expert, has been teaching and training leadership skills for the past 15 years in two unique industries. First, in the horse industry. After years studying behaviors science with the best in the field, including: Pat Parelli (Natural Horsemanship), The late Ray Hunt (Horse Master), Ceasar Millan, (The Dog Whisperer) Lynn Eisenhart (World Class Dolphin Trainer), Anthony Robbins (Peak Performance Coach), T-Harv Ekar (Secrets of the Millionaires) and more unnamed here,  Don mastered the skills necessary to deal with negative animal behavior, on in his words “the emotional brain”.

Don’s skills have been called on by Olympic riders, peak performance coaches and every day people from all over the world. What he teaches, is the skills necessary to train the people to reach their own goals and breakthrough fears and limitations.

Don and his wife traveled through every state in the United States and also England, New Zealand, and Australia teaching leadership courses and horsemanship mastery classes.

A quote from Don:

  • “Fear. That’s what it’s all about. Even when we think we know why we can’t achieve something it always comes down to some fear we have about how people will perceive us and what kind of pain we might experience from process to product. People just need to get out of the way of their own selves and then something magical will happen. Teaching people to let go of limitations and fear is imperative to realizing their goals. This is actually easier and more natural than most would expect because all you have to do is listen to your heart, feel it, and move your feet in spite of how you feel. As long as you’re in motion you can adapt. When you stop you, you lose.”

Don currently owns and operates 2 businesses in the service industry and is completely devoted and passionate about his work.’

“I owe it all to the people who walked before me and the people who walk with me now. It seems even when I think I’ve got it all together I’m reminded how we can’t do anything alone.” Don Jessop

See the goofy side of Don…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyHrisinWBw

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