1 in 8 people you know is facing some kind of addiction.

Maybe it’s not drugs, Maybe it’s a food addiction, a TV addiction.  A Pornography addiction!

I give you those numbers, not to scare you!  But to surprise you, and actually give you a sense of calm.

I want you to think… HOLY shit!  I’m not alone!  Other people are struggling too!

Addiction is like having 2 brains.  Distraction is no different. One brain is logical and thoughtful, the other isn’t.  The other is reactive! Impulsive! Thoughtless! One brain must overcome the other in order to succeed in the fight against addiction or distraction!  You of course know this because like me, we have fought this our whole adult life to some degree in some area!

There are biochemical things going on too, there are physiological things happening!

In all addiction cases I highly recommend, actually, I insist seeking medical attention and support groups to balance out the blood chemistry and stay connected to emotional support at a local level.  In saying that… Here’s how I can help!

I can strengthen that part of the brain that is too weak to overcome the more dominant impulsive version of yourself!

No-one can fix you.  Except you!  I can’t expect someone to come into my life and fix me!  I have to fix me.

But, I’ll tell you what helps…

Having something or someone there to support you, in a non-judgmental, but powerful way! Every day!

I have always wished I could call upon people who had been where I am and found a way through.  If any message could leave a lasting impression on me it would from that person who is winning the battle!  Someone I can relate to!  Personally, I found it nearly impossible to find these people.  People don’t openly talk about addiction and distraction!

So I created SendMeLife.com

I thought, there’s got to be a need here for people who have struggled like me to find resources to overcome! Because it’s not the addictive behavior that is the real problem.. The real problem how much of life you “missing” as a result!

I created an inspiration system.
One I call the Voice of Power!  We literally create powerful audio inspirations (sound tracks) that are personalized to you! No one else. Not generic motivation! Not generic positivity, but Real… Down to earth, non-threatening, non-judgmental, intensive, and impressive life affirming messages that break past the natural resistance factor!

In other words.  I know how to speak to you in a way that will stick in your mind forever!  So when temptation knocks. You are more powerful than before!

Voice of Power will help you!  Not fix you!  Help you!

It operates on this one life changing principle!  What you need most, is often too rare to find, but absolutely necessary for change!”  I’m talking about you! Changing your life by bringing in an influence like nothing else out there!

Without leaving your home you can start receiving the Voice of Power or sign up for SendMeLife text messaging!

Will it cure? You?  No.  Only you can do that!  Will it strengthen your mind and your resolve?  Yes!  Or a money back guarantee!

Listen, life pressures mount.  They stack up and stack up! Then in a moment of weakness the other brain takes over!

Voice of power does two things.  One, it keeps life pressure in perspective and two it strengthens the side of the brain that needs strength!






In this fantastic (and free) audio training you will receive 3 strategies for letting go of what’s holding you back so you can experience the future you want!