Need Motivation

You need to light the fire!

Stuck in the rut? Doing the same old shitty habitual things day after day and NOT getting up to change it?
That is what I called a lack of motivation!

So where does the lack of motivation come from? Well. Some very popular behavior scientist claim it’s a largely due to chemical imbalances! You simply don’t have the energy in your body to “do more”

Do you believe them? I do. I believe them. But not completely! I believe that we do have to feed out bodies the right supplements and nutrition to get the energy we want AND! I also believe something else! You live in an environment where you are bombarded by negative messages and demands from others and from your own body! If these messages are overwhelming negative! You will lose motivation! Period!

If we can change the story we tell ourselves about ourselves and our world that surrounds us we could actually change the world around us AND! Change ourselves.

Motivation doesn’t require strategy alone! It requires clarity! Are you clear on what you want? We can help!
Are you certain that what you want will be “good” I mean it will be worth it? We’ll help you with that!
Are you feeling like you need a gentle or perhaps even forceful “kick” in the ass to get going? We’ll do that for you!
Here’s how I can help!

SendMeLife offers systems to do just what it says. We send YOU life affirming messages. The critical life affirming messages that you need most! The ones you should have gotten growing up or during those challenging times in your life but nobody was there to deliver them.

Here’s the question of all questions. Do you have enough positive influence surrounding you that you readily accept right now. I’m talking about people reaching out, friends, true friends? I’m talking about memories that exist inside you. Are they good memories or not good memories? I’m talking about your imagination…Does it show you how good life will be or how bleak and tough life will be from this point forward?

An abundance of negative messages are coming into your life unsolicited! From media, memories, and other people. That means your circumstances are allowing for an excess of negativity! Is that fair to say?

We can reverse that! That’s what we do and we’re good at it too! We can start sending you the messages that will make the biggest lasting impact on you! Because… Emotionally, you’re drained! We can reverse that!

Let me give you an example. I was never very good at baseball. I liked baseball. I was OK at baseball, but why didn’t I excel? Because I didn’t have the drive to do so? Have you ever heard the expression. “If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it?”

Well, where does this “want” come from? How do you get more “want” What would have had to happen for me to “want” to be better at baseball?
Answer! Someone, or something must have shown me the payoff, the reward, the reasons. Something outside me must have driven me.

Nobody who’s ever succeeded did so completely on their own and if you’re willing to into the life of the “titans” as Tim Ferris calls them. These are men and women who took their passion to the peak of human potential. These are billionaires, Olympic athletes, authors, movie producers, the best actors. The best pro athletes, you’ll see they all had someone showing them how to believe in themselves.. They all had a life force outside them telling them they can do it and, AND, AND… it’s worth it! The payoff is worth it.

With this kind of clarity, anything is possible. If you need motivation!

Here’s How SendMeLife helps: We give you the messages that are so personal! So powerful! So positive! That you will begin to believe in yourself. Imagine how you would feel if you were flooded with positivity. I’m not talking about generic positive thinking either! I’m talking about personal, important to you! And you alone! Messages that break past all the walls you put up and get right to the core of your heart! What would that feel like? What are you willing to do to get that?

You see, a lot of people tell me I’ve got too much competition in the self-help industry to really make a difference! Here’s the truth, those other guys out there, those other products. They’re all good. I recommend you in invest in all of the them. Do whatever it takes to heal your brain and your thought patterns. The real fact of the matter is there is no competition for me except your hesitation. That is my biggest enemy! My biggest competition. When you wait to make changes you postpone the possibility of a life you want!

I’m asking you now! Don’t wait. Try the Voice of Power program. Or if you want, take a smaller step. Sign up for SendMeLife text messaging!
Everything on the website is designed to deliver personal to your life affirming messages in order to reshape the way you think and therefore act!

I hope to meet you soon. And in person!

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