Not everyone has a mentor, coach or even any positive influence in their life. But to succeed, you MUST!

You must have someone or something telling you that "You can be anything! Do Anything!" Who was behind all the great people you know if your life? Nobody made it completely on their own. They all had life pressures that pushed them to succeed or a mother, grandfather or mentor of some kind that said "You are special! You can do this!" 

Any great person who accomplished anything of significance had someone telling them a very personal message. The message they needed to hear the most in their life right then in order to turn around and succeed.

Every single day we want to send you your special message. 

If you have people or circumstances in your life that don't support you to reach your goals and dreams... If they don't prompt you to be better, stronger or more at peace... If they hold you in a negative life pattern you don't want... Then you have to change what information is flowing to you. It has to become more positive! 

That's what Send Me LifeTM Messaging does. We send your personalized messages (the thing you need to hear most right now) directly to you daily and at random times to keep you thinking about it more often. 

If you don't you know exactly what you need to hear the most in your life to make a difference right now then we'll help you find it.

Once you've created your message. We'll start sending it to you immediately! 

Together we can change and improve your life and we can start by changing the information flow you are subjected to. Start listening daily to a better version of yourself. Start pushing yourself to be stronger, happier, healthier, and wealthier! 

You deserve the best this life has to offer!

Use Send Me LifeTM Messaging to prompt you daily so you can become the best version of yourself!  
Albert Einstein said that "Learning is remembering!" The trick is then... to "remember."

Send Me LifeTM messaging helps by sending you what you need to hear most at random times in your day. The randomness is essential to keep you focused on the important things when you get distracted by normal daily activities.

You create your special message right here on this webpage and within 24 hours you will be receiving that message daily.

Simply think about your life right now. What is most important for you to hear or remember in your life? Perhaps something that motivates you or brings you peace.

When you type that special message into the box and click submit it will be sent to your phone or email at random times to keep you alert and catch you when you're not thinking about it. In this way, together, we will cause your brain to engage it that important thought process more often.

You can choose the frequency of the message and change the content at any time by returning to this page.



      $8 per month. That’s it!


SendMeLife™ Text Messaging gives you access to software not found anywhere else in the world which gives you the opportunity to write the most important life messages you need to hear and receive them daily or weekly. Imagine hearing what you need to hear about your life. Daily!

“It helps! Because I know what I would do without it! I would settle. I would forget about the important things and settle! These messages keep me on track and positive!”

This software sends your critical “life messages” to you every day in a random sequence at random times each day making it virtually impossible to tune them out. Many people subscribe to message delivery systems such as “quote of the day” or “bible verse of the day” but all of these are generic non-personal messages and they arrive in a way that allows the human brain to tune it out.

Send Me Life text messaging is better this way. It keeps the mind conscious to the important things and ensures that what you are getting is personal and transformative for you.

Extra benefits:

As a member you get to the ability to change your messages at any time. Because your life is private and personal it’s important to be able to change and adapt to circumstance. This software allows you to login at any time and change your current messages.

As a member you also receive inspirational messages from our team. Including interviews from high profile people and success stories from people who’ve made it through the worst life has to offer. We want you to feel connected to something bigger than you. We want you to feel alive, vibrant and involved.