Voice of Power


What you listen to directs your life!

Change what you listen to with Voice of Power

How will it change your life:

Every hero has a story to tell!  If your inner story is of darkness, weakness, fear, and procrastination… it’s time to re-write your story!

Voice of Power helps re-write your story.

We will create up to four (4) Personalized audio inspirations each month for you. Each is thoughtfully produced by our team to be “sound tracks for your life!” — With epic music as a background you will experience the voices of passion and enthusiasm calling your name…  Literally!  Speaking directly to you with authority, energy, and authenticity! Encouraging you, with complete positive energy from people who have been in your shoes and who know how to speak to you.

When you begin listening to a more powerful story of your present and future life, you can free yourself of the bonds you experience.  You can free yourself of FEAR. And social pressures.  You can free yourself of DEPRESSION/ANXIETY.  You can free yourself of addictive poisonous behaviors.  You can be free to live on your terms.

Why it works so well:  Personalization and Time:

Time is a winning factor in all games.  Any person with enough time invested in positive, affirming, and believable truths will win the day!  We must shift the balance of time to the positive.  Each Personal Audio Inspiration sends automatically for seven days in a row only to be replaced by a new Personal Audio Inspiration. This cycle continues for one month.


Personalization; is where the largest impact lives, because generic “pump me up” sessions don’t work well.  We need real life, real time experiences to make big changes.  In the next four weeks you will receive more personal attention than ever before you in pursuit of your goals and dreams and you never have to leave your home!


Available Options:


Just want to try it without paying monthly?

Choose this option:  1 Voice of Power message for $149 – no monthly subscription.  100% Money Back Guarantee!

Testimonials from real people who invested before you!

Feeling stronger every day and that strength is working miracles in my life!  Thanks so much for your incredibly personal messages!

Priscilla, Florida

I used your messages last night to push through a very hard predicament. I had found myself in a quandary frozen and unable to move forward. It was amazing how much listening to your messages helped me concur my fears. 

Hugh, California

Yes, the send me life 4 week program was amazing! Some days, subtle amazement, some days overwhelming amazement!!!  Listening to my personalized messages twice daily really helped focused my mind towards a more positive, encouraging approach as I struggled at times with healing thru my relationship break up and learning to dream again.

I dreamed for years of moving to warmer climate for me and my horses.  And since I’ve done Voice of Power I’m bought a horse in Florida.  Here I go!

Ella, Washington

I see myself listening to this message 20 years from and knowing that this was an important time in my life and this program was the catalyst that reshaped everything for me.  When I hear my message, I am unafraid.

Rich, Montana



Important Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

#1: This program is NOT a form of counseling, consulting, or therapy. We strongly advise seeking certified medical practitioners if you are questioning the need for professional therapy or counseling. To be clear: This program is about affirming your personal strengths through the work of positive affirmations and personalized writing styles.  You alone choose your behaviors.  We merely hope to inspire more happiness, resolve, and fortitude in your life.

#2: Your information will be kept private. No one outside the Send Me Life organization will ever see any details of your information unless you decide to share it with others you want. We have strict regulations on who can view your information and creatively produce the positive messages you will receive. We also have strict privacy regulations which prohibits anyone who handles private information to share it with anyone at all including coworkers, family, or friends. 

#3: As a participant in the Voice of Power program you agree that you will take full responsibility for any actions or results that can be derived from participating in this program and hold SendMeLife, LLC and no other party responsibly for any negative outcomes. You must agree that you are primarily responsible for your life direction from this point forward!

Return Policy:

If for some reason, you are not satisfied, you will get all your money returned!  And you still get to keep everything we’ve given you!  The risk is ours! We will serve you in as timely and effective fashion allowed.  Our mission is to serve.  Allow us the privilege to serve you!